Security by ‘Messing Up Your Chat Messages’

I was chatting with two friends of mine and I was giving them a download link ( via messenger.

Here’s how the conversation went after I had given the link to my friend…

I waited for some time and then asked, “downloaded it?”

Got response from friend: “Uh… downloaded what?”

Me confused: “The link I just gave you.”

Friend: “I got no link.”

Me: “I just wrote it? Hmm… what about now . exe”

Friend: “Okay, now I see it! Must be Vista/Messenger blocking it…”

I needed to put spaces to get that link to the other person. was not acceptable, but writing . exe (notice the spaces in file.exe) was.


3 thoughts on “Security by ‘Messing Up Your Chat Messages’

  1. You won’t believe this, but I ran into this issue for the first time a day or two after reading your blog. I immediately knew what the problem was!

  2. Security paranoia will dominate the world an finally we’ll block ourselves :))))