Some Ways to Get Dog to Sit (Lessons In Game Producer Team Leadership)

If you are a game producer leading a team, then I believe some of these things might be useful in your situation.

There’s several different ways to get dog to sit. Here’s some of them.

The not so easy way (or at least very lasting way)
By the use of force (The Star Wars method), doing physical corrections and yelling “SIT!” (not to forget harsh words), it’s possible to get dog to sit. It will be stressful (for you, the dog and everybody who sees the situation). The dog might sit in weird position, and do it badly. And… as soon as you step away and don’t watch the dog, he stops sitting. In fact, he will be running crazy and barking to other dogs after you leave.

Might even grin to you behind your back.

The easier way
The easier way to get dog to sit is to show him what he needs to do, and helping him to do what he is naturally capable of doing. It’s natural for dogs to sit, so by giving him a treat when he does a good job is an easy way to get the dog to sit.

Sometimes it might happen, that the dog is not interested to sit. It might be that the surrounding is not helping doing the task of sitting. It might be that his leg just broke and he needs a break. Or, it might be that he has just been running around like crazy and simply can’t bothered today. In those days, you gotta be patient and accept the fact that everybody can have bad days in life.

Or, maybe he is such an old dog that he just smiles when he sees a youngster like you trying to train him to sit. Old dogs might do things in their ways. It’s not easy to get them to sit if you try to make them to follow you. You gotta let them follow you… in their pace.

The easiest way
Dogs have natural tendency to sit. Sometimes they sit even without you needing to say anything. This is the easiest method to get dogs to sit: they do it voluntarily by themselves (even when you aren’t watching their back).

With all the dogs, this level might not always be possible to reach. It’s something that happens when you’ve got the right dog.

The famous bottom line
Asking status reports about the dog’s performance in sitting, isn’t necessarily going to help much to get the dog to sit. Trying to force dogs to sit works… to some extent, but pretty much requires you to be there all the time (as long as your health can bear the increased stress level) and isn’t fun. Plus, it might scare the dog so that in some day he’ll bite you or escapes from you. And then you might need hire, uh, get a new dog.

It’s easier if you get dogs to sit on their own will, and if you can find the treats and methods that are most rewarding to them. It requires perhaps bit more work in the beginning, but is most rewarding in the end.

That way they stay healthy and look forward to sit. That way you stay healthy and feel good when see the dogs working.

I mean, sitting.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Stef : you are quite right but i guess the point of the quote is to show that it doesnt work like this in the real world. Kojima is not the only control freak in game development!

  2. Fair enough. It’s just dogs have taught me so much… so I can’t help getting lessons from there ;)

    By no means I actually meant that “team members are dogs”. I was simply saying that some stuff that works for teaching dogs, can be applied to leading teams.

    Bit similar to saying that having dogs can teach you something about having kids. (but that doesn’t mean kids would be like dogs…)

    No meant to offend.

  3. Juuso: i don’t like to resume human management questions with animals images. Human are quite complexe. i understand that the goal is to simplify the message… but still i would not like to know that my boss has a “dog image” of me ;) I guess it’s part of my own culture.

    Roger: By the way, Hideo K. is a control freak! =) Giving people responsabilities is a must IMO in team management, but the level of follow up/freedom depends on the credit each guy has. I mean, a good call by the guy give credits, a bad remove credit. A very positive credit guys could become the best teamate you can have. And the less credit a guy has, the more he needs to report to you and you need to follow up his work.

  4. Found this quote from Hideo Kojima on MGS4 devolpment that I thought was relevant :

    “I thought that leaving things up to the team members and giving them more responsibility was the only way for them to grow, sometimes that sort of sacrifice can be too much, and in this case it was.Nothing good came of giving them more responsibility. I’m not saying the staff were slackers–definitely not — they were working really hard. But it was about the decisions they made.”

    woof woof!

  5. “That way they stay healthy and look forward to sit. That way you stay healthy and feel good when see the dogs working.”

    If you want to explain basic coaching concept, go for it but please do not use the “dog” image. In my opinion your post is quite insulting for teamate. Sorry.

  6. “his leg just broke and he needs a break”, that made me both laugth and feel sad. O_O

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