How To Be An Egoistic Bastard (Trust Me, I Have Experience On This)

It’s easy to seem like an egoistic idiot (I know, I’ve done this a lot, and will probably do this in the future as well). Read the following paragraphs and notice the difference in tone.

When you do game development, you should always prepare a project plan or your game development will be messy.

And here’s the second version:

I’ve noticed that in game development, preparing a project plan is good. When I haven’t done the plan, my game development has been messy.

The tone difference is so obvious. First one is telling others what to do. The second one is about presenting some stuff that has been beneficial for you.

I’ve noticed that whenever I write about some tips or lessons learned, it’s useful not to tell others how things should be done. That can be negative, and seen as somebody trying to force their way. On the other hand, it has been more positive whenever I’ve tried to present things in a way that says: “this is what I’ve done, here’s what has worked for me – feel free to use it or not”.

It’s so easy to get into habit of telling others what to do. In my experience, it has been good to avoid that (well, at least to some extend).

So, stop forcing your opinions to others.

(Hmm… what did I just said…)

Juuso Hietalahti