Good Signs (Odd Thing Happened to Me)

Yesterday, I was testing different zombie games to see how these games handled certain gameplay issues. I signed into Dead Frontier and launched the chat. My username was “deadwake” and somebody who was online there asked me “Have you played the Dead Wake game and registered to the forums?”.

I said that “yeh, I have” and was asked “How do you like the newest version?”. I got the impression that he liked the game, and I said that I liked the version very much (heh), and asked what was his username at the Dead Wake forums? They guy told his username and asked mine.

At this point I had no choice put to tell that I’m the developer of Dead Wake, and the guy laughed.

Randomly meeting some guy who happens to know my game by name is – I think – a good sign, especially when taken into account that the game is in this stage of development.

Juuso Hietalahti


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