I’ve Created a Monster (Wicked Marketing Plot Spreads…)

Yesterday I mentioned that I was spraying Dead Wake banners in Half-life 2, and showed couple of images about it (just updated images by the way, so check it out).

Well, today I wake up and saw comments that “we’re gonna do this too!”. Toni even showed a screenshot for his Taboo Builder game. Here it is:

Don’t know if some other people are already done this type of marketing earlier, but in case not: I wonder if I want to be remembered as the guy who brought spam in Half-life 2…?

P.S. If you happen to have a shot where you spray a banner inside Half-life 2, please email it to me and I’ll put it online (this offer expires whenever I want to, so please do this right away)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I had done this on an old site when hl2 was first released, after a few months of playing it did get a surprising number of visits from simply playing.

  2. I guess my comment didn’t go through this morning. Anyway, I was suprised about this. I guess now I really have to finish this game :)

  3. You can image my shock when I came here before going to work.

    First reaction “Damn, now I really *really* have to do this” but in a really good way :)

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