7 thoughts on “World of Goo (And Who Dares to Say Indies Can’t Make Quality Games)

  1. Lee, that’s such a shameless ad!

    So shameless I just have to download the game now :) Pics looked awesome.

  2. Excuse the self-promotion but our game, Project Aftermath (www.gamesfaction.com/project-aftermath) was made by just 3 guys :)

  3. Hey! I got a VERY interesting email from Nintendo today talking about the Wii Shop Channel Newsletter, and look at a link that was in it:


  4. Thanks Petri for the link.

    DtD, Yeh, I’ve played Penumbra – awesome too.

  5. PS> If my comment seemed kinda random, you just reminded me of them with the high quality indie games ;)

  6. Ever played the Penumbra games? They’re made by Frictional Games, and are amazing quality! (http://frictionalgames.com/site/) I’d recomend checking them out.