Hmm, I’m In a Strange Situation: I Can’t Stop This Company From Sending Money to Me…

I’ve been Big Fish Games affiliate for some time, and I realized that I can’t stop them from sending payments to me. I’ve promoted the program (like I’m doing now) and it’s started to grow on its own. It’s still not a “huge money tree”, but the nice thing is that it’s growing without me need to watch it all the time, and it buys me a lunch every now and then.

From all the affiliate system I’ve tried I think Big Fish Games has the only one which comes with a snowball effect: you put the program in motion and you can’t stop it.

Not that I’m complaining or anything.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Just stop putting in payment requests and you won’t get any money from them anymore. Or better yet, give me your login info and I’ll take over your account for you! :p

  2. I just wait until it hits a $500 mark and then transfer it via wire straight into my business account. Saves on paperwork.

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