The Nicest Fan Comment I’ve Ever Received

I know I mentioned similar stuff week ago, but I couldn’t resist mentioning this. I’ve always been thinking that the goal of making a game is not to please everybody. The goal is to please some gamers for some time. There were some players that didn’t like the switch from the FPS view, but most of the people I’ve talked with have been pleased with the results.

Here’s one of them.

I was talking with one of the Dead Wake zombie game players and he said to me:

13:17 – player: i think i might cry when dead wake comes out
13:18 – player: my eyes would not be able to handle the awesomenessneesss

After that I told him a secret that “I will be integrating physics engine to the game in future versions”, and his reply was:

13:20 – playeR: OMFG THE CRYING HAS ALREADY STARTED….. damn you sob sob


Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I once got a long email in the form of a poem ;) that was very funny and I was so happy about it. I wrote back, also completely in rhymes, and I got another reply from him, rhymed as well :)

    That was really the nicest thing that happened to me in that context (it wasn’t for a game, it was for a tool), and it’s also so much cooler than any donation that I got before.

  2. Sorry for strange association, but one nice article:

    “Most people in the video game industry, and many people who write about them for a living, hope for games to be taken seriously as art or literature.
    It’s just around the corner, we believe — the day the establishment flings open the door to us and lets us in, apologetic tears streaming from their eyes. “We misjudged you,” they’ll cry, “Just like we initially misjudged movies, jazz, and prose poetry.” Games are a brand-new medium, we console ourselves, and these hidebound fogeys just need time to understand it.”


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