Beginners Guide to Editing Your Game Videos (Using Windows Movie Maker)

The “Beginners Guide to Recording Game Videos and Showing Them on Your Website” showed you how to create videos, and in this guide you’ll get information about how to edit your videos.

All you need to have is the basic Windows Movie Maker. In fact, the tool is so easy to use that there’s not much to do: after you’ve recorded some .avi files, and launched Movie Maker, you need to Import Media.

After importing some media files (.avi files for example), you need to drag the clips to the storyboard. Then you can add effects (fade in/out to/from black can come handy) to the dragged clips. Play around with the Titles and credits too.

You can switch to Timeline mode (Ctrl+T when in Storyboard) and you can split & reduce clip sizes (notice that you need to drag from left, or drag from the right to clip the file properly). It’s quite easy thing to do, and in the end you can simply publish your video.

I’ve published videos in .avi format and done the converting to mpeg later.

Example clip
Here’s something I created using the movie maker, and was quite pleased how simple & fast it could be. Take a look at this:

Juuso Hietalahti


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