Your Game’s “Useless Tiny Details” Might Help Promote Your Game Big Time

Have you seen this video where somebody is presenting how World of Warcraft character animations offer variety of ways for dancing. In terms of gameplay, something like “dancing animation” might have close to zero gameplay value (after all, it doesn’t give you points or rewards when you cycle through these animations), they can be valuable for both entertaining the player – and of course they make a good videos.

Watch the following:

At the time of writing, this specific video has a view count of 11,161,676. 11 million views. That must be close to a youtube view count record or something. These kind of videos make great viral marketing vehicles, and they help make the game more popular.

When thinking of small details in your product’s game play, it might be worth remembering that the sum of all those tiny features might end up being pretty big.

7 thoughts on “Your Game’s “Useless Tiny Details” Might Help Promote Your Game Big Time

  1. Ryan Fox

    Didn’t I read somewhere recently that WOW was up to 11 million subscribers? Maybe they have the TOS linking to this video. ;)

  2. Shakedown

    Useless details!? I’m sure dancing was at the top of Blizzard’s “Features to Implement” list. Besides, what else would people do while their party member had to pause the raid to go eat dinner with mom and dad?

    Great video too.

  3. Jake Birkett

    Cool! Thanks. I spend a LONG time getting all those sounds just right with headphones on in the middle of the night. Think I logged over 50+ hours getting the sounds right for the game.

  4. Juuso Hietalahti Post author

    Well, you can add to those that my wife loves the game and really enjoys all those ‘tiny’ sound effects that come when you swing, or when you play a good round etc…

  5. Jake Birkett

    Indeed. I’ve received many comments about Fairway Solitaire and some that keep cropping up are about the tiny details that we could have made into more of a feature. If we ever make a sequel …


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