The One Thing That Makes Your Indie Company a Real Company

Get a company phone.

I remember how I felt when I founded my indie studio few years back, and bought the ‘first office cell phone’. Suddenly, my indie studio seemed like a real company. In my mind, it somehow linked that my copmany is more real one. After all, now you could even make a phone call to the company. You could reach somebody.

It felt like a concrete step years back, and I really enjoyed buying a new phone only for the company.

If you haven’t own a company phone, you don’t know what it means. It just might make a mental difference in your work. The difference might be tiny, but who knows, maybe an important one. It might adjust your thinking that you now really have a real company.

If you run an indie studio, and don’t have a phone yet, get one.

P.S. Nokia of course…

11 thoughts on “The One Thing That Makes Your Indie Company a Real Company

  1. Karl

    Could I suggest getting an iPhone, and then consider developing an app for the phone? Business development opportunity, along with feeling like ‘a real company.’ :)

  2. karma

    The line between indy and real is kinda tenuous… I thought it meant if the guy who started the company owns the majority of the stock and holds decision power, no matter what size company it is then independent by definition of not having to bow down to any powers that be…

  3. Evans

    I love Nokia – I’ve used different models in the past 7 years.
    Only if they’d reward my loyalty :))

    Nice blog by the way!


  4. Alyssa

    “The only thing that make your indie company a real company is to release a game of course. — JC”

    Yeah, but getting a phone is a lot easier! XD

  5. Josh Klint

    I like Skype because I make a lot of international calls, and they don’t cost anything extra.

  6. Jake Birkett

    How about getting a real company! So a Limited company or whatever the non-UK equivalent is. Then you have to file annual returns and accounts and etc. That feels pretty “real”…


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