How to Use YouTube To Track Information About Who Has Viewed Your Videos

I’ve been embedding more videos about my zombie game’s progress. I was adding my latest video (see below) and clicked it (which lead me to the video page), I noticed an interesting button in YouTube.

After I clicked the embedded video, I got to the video’s homepage and noticed control panel for “owner” (notice: you can only see this if you are the author of the video – in other words: have uploaded the video in your youtube account).

There I saw the button “insight”:

I moved on and started checking what other stuff could be found behind the “Insight”. There was some information about the demographics (for one of my zombie game videos): 83% male, 17% female have been watching the video. Most of them are within 18 to 34 years, but there’s also quite many 13-17 years old (20+%) and also 35 to 54 years old (25%).

There was also other information such as discovery (which sounds how people found the video: embedded on a site, external links, through youtube’s “relevant videos” link etc.), popularity, hot spots and views. You can also see from which countries people have watched the video.

I found this to be pretty nice addition for tracking information about who is watching your game videos.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Jake: well, I suppose it could be worth using Analytics to compare these numbers (analytics in terms of “those who visit your site”).

    Good point though, although it will still give some info also about those who have not created accounts.

  2. @Jake: That would be the most accurate way for them to track stats. I wouldn’t think the demographics of people with accounts and those without are significantly different.

    The only other methods of tracking demographics involve third party Alexa-like tools, and of what I’ve seen, they tend to be very poor at representing the viewers as a whole.

  3. These stats must only be from people that logon who have profiles though, not just random watches right? So does it scale up properly to everyone? Perhaps only certain types of people bother to get an account…

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