My 2 Cents on Getting a Job As a Game Producer

I’ve been asked some insight on how to get a job as a game producer. While I have not worked as a producer in a “big gaming company”, I have discussed this topic with other producers, some guys have got inspiration through this blog (and got a producer job) and I’ve got job offers, also from a “big gaming company” so I think I can provide some insight on this matter.

I’m not going to say how to write your resume, but here’s some tips on getting a job.

Show rather than tell
I’ve been involved in recruiting processes and one thing that really catches my eye are “portfolios”. If you can show that you’ve finished games, involved in projects or done something relevant in gaming (like writing a programming blog) then show that to others. If you have done a game, show that (or a short video for example) and tell how you were involved in that project.

See how other producers have got their jobs
We had a lengthy interview about breaking in the industry and if you haven’t checked that (at least 3 times) it’s about time to do so. From that blog entry you’ll get pretty much all the crucial information about getting a job.

Ask for the job
One guy once emailed me how he got inspired about game production after reading this blog, and he said that this gave him the spark to ask for a job. Luckily, he got a job as an associate producer and enjoys every moment. Nobody is going to knock your door and offer you a job unless you actually do something.

Start a blog and write until your fingers bleed until you get a job offer
That’s how I did it (except that I actually continued writing since I never accepted a job…). I knew about game production much less 3 years ago than I know today, but that didn’t stop me from starting. I simply started writing (since I enjoy doing this), learnt helluva lot and slowly things started to move forward and lots of good stuff happened.

Word of warning though: no point doing anything that isn’t fun. If you don’t like writing about your project (and related stuff), then writing a blog does no good. Instead, you could start doing games on monthly basis (like Petri at Kloonigames whose got loads of success thanks at least partly to his experiments) and write blog entries about those games.

The key, I think, is to simply start taking steps towards your goal of getting a job. And keep doing that until you get your producer job.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. “Ask for the job”

    I did this three weeks ago. I sent email to local ‘big gaming company’. Two days later, I went there for an interview, and I should start my first job in game industry in january 2009 (just finishing work in current job).

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