What Kind of 3D Models You’d Need? (Content Pack Under Construction)

Friend of mine (expert 3d artist in my opinion) said he’s going to prepare a model pack (3d characters) and I agreed to help him get some information about what sort of models & animations he could start doing.

The guy can do really slick looking 3d models & animations, so if you want to say your opinion about what kind of models the first pack should contain, please tell your suggestions. I already told him that I’d be after a “general 3d model” (and then of course several zombie textures ;)) and different type of movements and some animations.

So, what kind of 3d models (and animations/textures) you’d want? Fantasy? Modern? Sci-fi? World war style? Monsters? Humans? What kind of textures? Cute? Horror?

Here’s Robert’s reel from 2007 (also including work from 2008):

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I like to see some monsters, there are few decent monsters models available.

  2. I would really love some Medieval characters/mobs

  3. I would like to see Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk packs.

    Everyone and their grandmom makes fantasy packs these days, Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk is seriously lacking in model packs.

  4. Like the first post, with the feature that the animations can be edited in Milkshape. Most (all?) of the existing character packs use Maya or other high-end tools.

  5. I’d give an arm and a leg for some good sci-fi troopers. Most of the ones that I’ve seen available to buy have had unnatural shooting animations that wouldn’t work in a FPS.

  6. Currently I am doing myself all of my models, so there is no point of me asking models I wouldn’t pay for, because I don’t need them.
    But I need to think of models that could be popular.
    I would say some medieval soliders, knights, and etc.
    Realistic ones, not fantasy WOW like.
    Making some non standard sci-fi or fantasy might be taking a risk, as opposed to do something based on human history.
    At least that is what I think.

  7. Would be nice to have a theme, e.g. fantasy characters (wizard, knight, etc). I would prefer a natural feel to the characters, i.e. dirty & gritty, as opposed to colorful and cartoony.

    Personally I would like to see some sci-fi soldier/space-marine type characters with weapons.

  8. A Delta Force pack would be all I need. Delta Force is kinda like the only game which you can play forever, and it never gets boring.

  9. Generic man/woman models, basic walking/running animations. Medium size, no need for uber low or uber hi polycounts.

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