Are You Familiar With Clay Graphics…

Anthony Flack, one crazy (in a good way) indie game developer has been “animating” clay (yes, you read correctly: clay) graphics in his game. In his blog entry he mentions that this is indeed a clay-animated game. Which means that all the graphics in the game are made from real clay models – they are NOT CG renders made to look like clay. (I wonder how much time it has taken…)

Didn’t see that coming.

Take a look at that blog. The pics are awesome.

7 thoughts on “Are You Familiar With Clay Graphics…

  1. knowledgegranted

    the technical term for this is “claymation”

  2. 3 Decades? No way. Since 2002, well maybe!

    Still a little way to go tho.

  3. I didn’t *know* that it was made of clay. :)

  4. This is old story ;) as I think he has been working on it for the last 3 decades ;)
    If you need an example of a motivated man, don’t look further: It’s him!!!

    Never heard of Platipus by the same guy? This was already made of clay.


  5. Excellent.
    Do any of you know never hood?