Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Interesting blog, thanks for the pointer. However, the link in this blog post is broken. Change herf to href and everything should be fine and clickable. :)

    As for having access to source code, I usually prefer it, just in case I need that kind of access.

  2. When I see middleware with the source included, I stay away, because it means if I have a problem they will expect me to trawl through tons of other peoples’ code instead of fixing it themselves.

  3. They said on gamearchitect.net: “Good middleware gives you source. Despite the previous point, having access to the source for any middleware package is a must.”

    I think they haven’t seen the approach of Leadwerks Engine yet. There you don’t need the source, indeed you couldn’t do anything useful with it, since it’s way too complicated to understand, and changing something would most likely break something else. A well designed command set like in Leadwerks Engine, elimated the need for a source code. The API is flexible enough for all kind of needs, and with the existing commands you can create your own commands and expand the API, also then you don’t need the source code.

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