Switch To BlitzMax (and Leadwerks)

I’ve been using Blitz3D to develop the couple of newest Dead Wake versions, but recently decided to finally switch to BlitzMax (and Leadwerks). Since I have strong background in BASIC languages (started with C64 Basic, then QBasic, Visual Basic, Blitz 3D’s basic and now finally BlitzMax’s basic like syntax) this feels like a natural progression from me. I feel completely familiar with BlitzMax (which I could not say about C++ nor C#, although there are many similarities in BlitzMax). With Object Oriented programming support (to pretty good extent), BlitzMax feels like a good choice.

The couple of weeks I’ve spent learning the tools has given me idea about the tools and I must say that I should have listened to those people who mentioned this option earlier… Anyway, what’s done is done, and now I’m working on to get Dead Wake ported to BlitzMax. Basically this means also refactoring some existing code, dropping some things away and doing some new stuff.

I’m using Leadwerks game engine which is absolutely awesome (something that you really need to go and buy right away. It’s dirt cheap compared to stuff it has). I will do a lengthy review about the Leadwerks qualities in the nearly future, but basically it has almost everything I need for my Dead Wake zombie game and since I can program using BlitzMax, I feel like I’m home.

I did a small stress test to see how well it works. Here’s 200 separately animated zombies (even though they all animate the same frames), with lighting, shadows – and all plays smoothly. In terms of gameplay this is important, since after I get the physics, particles, scenery, AI, etc. in game, I expect to see about 50-100 simultaneously zombies on screen. I think there aren’t many zombie games (Dead Rising comes to my mind) that would have this many zombies simultaneously on screen. In terms of gameplay that’s an important factor. Here’s the clip:

I’m pleased with the result and feel good about taking this step forward into a more advanced tools that I can use well with my skills. Anybody looking into 3D game development engine and easy-to-use tools should check out BlitzMax and Leadwerks engine.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. the stupid representation of blitzmax on the main website makes you belive that blitzmax is less worthy then blitz3d

    its is wrong!

    blitz3d should go out of market while blitzmax is the replacment.

    or if blitz3d was a bit improved then it would be fine as well.

    it lakes of object oriented .

  2. Hi,sorry for my bad english.

    I was tried BlitzMAX and Leadwerks Engine,but it wont
    work for me.

    I have BlitzMAX v1.18,v1.26,v1.33,v1.34,v1.36
    And Leadwerks engine v2.27

    I was tried the BM example of LE v2.27 on all versions of BM,but wont work.

    BlitzMAX v1.18 and 1.26 say “Compile Error”
    BlitzMAX v1.33 say “Failed to create world”
    BlitzMax v1.34 say Build Complete but nothing happen.

    BlitzMAX v1.36 say “Failed to create world”

    What wrong with it?Enyone knows?

    Anyway.I think Blitz3D+Xors3D much stable then BlitzMAX+LE
    Xors3D has realy nice Shaders and easy to use.

  3. ‘Can we make 3D games with Blitz max? I’ve looked at the site and it says in the Blitz Max description:
    “Create 2D Games for Windows, MacOS and Linux”
    But your example looks like 3d.’

    No. (and yes)
    BlitzMax is a programming language.
    The example is made with Blitzmax (win, mac osx, linux) AND LeadwerksEngine 2.0 (win). These are 2 independent products.

    Of course if you dont’ want an AAA engine like Leadwerk Engine 2, you can use (with BlitzMax) the ‘free’ 3d module called MiniB3d (a sort of Blitz3d engine re-written partially in BlitzMax).

  4. Can we make 3D games with Blitz max? I’ve looked at the site and it says in the Blitz Max description:
    “Create 2D Games for Windows, MacOS and Linux”
    But your example looks like 3d.

  5. yay! Welcome to BlitzMax! It’s a great language, fun, quick to develop stuff in and powerful.

    Sounds cool that you are planning tons of zombies. I love “hordes” like in Doom and Serious Sam, oh and Alien Shooter/Crimsonland etc.

  6. Those who also know the Blitz3D language, might be positively surprised that Leadwerks Engine also comes with a C (and also C++) language interface which allows you to program just like in Blitz3D and in the BlitzMax version.

    It works with Visual C++ 2008 Express, which is free. This means that you can only buy Leadwerks Engine and start writing AAAA games, as you don’t need to buy BlitzMax.

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