3 thoughts on “Game Producer Christmas Calendar – Day 2 (Indie Motto)

  1. Thanks Juuso,
    It seems to me to be to be at the core of customer (or user) satisfaction.

    When we make games, it easy to forget that 99.9% of the time we’re not making them for ourselves but for others.

    Regardless of whether they’re commerical endevours or not, getting decent constructive feedback so we can better please our customers (or users) can only make for a better product that ultimately benefits everyone including the developer!

  2. Scurvy Lobster

    Nice one indeed! I’ll try to remember that line :-)

  3. I like it, many people talk a lot of unnecessary things, but this sentence is like a poem (german: Dichtung, english literal: poem=compression). I also tend to skip long explanations completely and focus on short and core messages.