Game Producer Christmas Calendar – Day 6 (What Software You Use To Create Games?)

I’ve happily dived into the world of BlitzMax, and using Leadwerks to create 3D games (yes, you can create 3D games using BlitzMax).

I asked at the Insider forums what tools people are using, and there was tools ranging from c++ to Game Maker. I thought to ask the same question from you readers: what tools and software you are using to make games?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I think your blog post broke the page, I’ve got no background and the bar on the right is underneath now, ah well.

    I am using C++ (In Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2008) with Irrlicht (Graphics), and IrrKlang (Sound) for DtD Tower Defense 2; and I’m loving them!


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