Here’s What I Want From Santa… (Good Stuff For You Here)

You have a chance to get some really good stuff (ebook, link, copy of game) so check this out. Please notice that this offer is only available December, and ends when I get back from my Christmas trip (around 26th day). Yes, there’s one catch…

I started the contest where you readers can make a wish about a game you want, and one of you readers – Penny – asked what I want from Santa. I hadn’t thought about that earlier, but since I got this question asked, I decided to answer and set up a little system for this (to help Santa in case he happens to be a bit busy) And Penny, since you gave me this idea, I’m willing to give you all the stuff mentioned in this post for free, and I’m also going to buy you that Ravenhearst game. Thanks for the idea!

Here’s my wish:

Dear Santa…

I would want to get Grand Theft Auto 4, since I’ve been a good boy all year and would like to act like a bad boy for a moment (I’ve heard rumors there’s pretty good chances for that in GTA IV).

It’s been a while since I’ve written to you so I hope you hear me.


P.S. Yes, socks are nice presents but I think I have plenty of them already.

Now, to make it easier for Santa, I thought to ask for a “donation” from you. Of course I have a trick in my sleeve, so you won’t be forgotten. Here’s the deal:

If you want to help me to get GTA 4, and donate $6 (or more) you’ll get the following benefits:

  • I’ll mention your site link in a thank you blog post (“no follow” link if the site is not relevant about video gaming, and I reserve the right to decide “what’s relevant”). This blog gets hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, so there’s a chance that you’ll get a bit of publicity. I think this alone makes $6 “donation” well worth it. (If you do the “donation”, please mention your site link if you want to get mentioned). Links will be mentioned in the order of donations: the sooner you donate, the higher your link will be in the list.
  • I’ll also give you a short ebook called “7 Habits of a Highly Effective Game Producers”. It’s a short ebook packed with information about the principles that has helped me in my life. The ebook is quick to read too. Please notice that this ebook is only available on Xmas time, so “act now” as they say on TV commercials (I’ll be taking it away from the market right after I get back from my Christmas trip). I’ll email you the ebook when I make the “thank you blog post” after Christmas.
  • Last (but not least), I’m giving copy of Dead Wake (=free for you) game to anyone who participates. Please notice that this “pre-order” comes with absolutely no guarantee about “when it’s done” nor about “if it works in your computer” (requires Shader Model 3, as I’m using Leadwerks engine) or “what it will cost to others” – but at least it will be free for you. I also reserve the right to use the word “free” here in similar manner as the sales guy who sold me the Donal Duck magazine subscription for 29 euros and gave me a “free” book on top of the deal. So, anyways – for only $6 you get the Dead Wake game as well, when it’s done.

Please notice that you can donate more than $6 if you want, I think there’s still room in my paypal account so if you want to donate $60 or $6000 it’s all okay by me. The money I receive I’ll use to purchase the GTA IV game via Steam (or socks from a local market).

So, this ends my “sales speech” here. Bottom line is that for only $6 (or more if you want) you get:

  • Link pointing to your site from a thank you blog post (appears in a blog post after Christmas)
  • Fun ebook that can help you become more productive (when I get back from my Xmas trip)
  • Copy of a Dead Wake game (“when it’s done”)

Click the donate button below to participate. Only $6 USD.

P.S. Please email me after you’ve made the donation, so I can rest assured I’ve received your email and the game link. Merry Christmas everybody!

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I was just kidding, I guess my humor didn’t translate, or my jokes suck.

  2. Yes, it got into my spam folder.
    What is worse, my emails from the dating service website got into my spam too. O_O

  3. Sargon, I’ve got your email and I replied you (on 6th of Dec, around 22:30 gmt+2).

    I’m planning to make the blog post around 26th of December, so it would be
    good to get the link before that. (but I’m sure we can work something out…)

    Did it go to a junk mail? O_o

  4. Juuso, I have emailed you. Am I suppose to get a confirmation email from you?
    Plus, I don’t have a link yet, thought I might have one very soon.
    I asked you about it in the email.

  5. Dear Santa,

    I sort of want Left 4 Dead. Not enough to buy it, and I missed the demo so I never got to see what it was like, but I liked Duke Nukem Co-op, and Left 4 Dead looks like it might be good. So this is something I would not buy for myself, but I would accept it if it were left under the Christmas tree.


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