Game Producer Christmas Calendar – Day 18 (I’m One Happy Camper: GTA 4 Is Here)

Thanks everybody for your contribution. Grand Theft Auto 4 is here, fully funded (and bit more!) and I’m really enjoying playing it. First impression: game rocks.

I’ll write a better thank you post (with links and all) when I manage to have a break from the game at some point… (meaning: before the end of December)

Meanwhile, everybody – remember to write to Santa and convince (me) to buy you a video game of your choice!

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I agree, that game is so awesome. I just wish I had a 360 to play it one =( (I suppose I could get it for the PC though…but I’ve heard alot of bad crap about the DRM and I kinda like having my games on my desktop AND laptop…)


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