Game Producer Christmas Calendar – Day 20 (Time to Make Some Time)

Jake participated in the ‘Write to Santa’ contest (contest is still going on a few days, so write!) and asked more time. This wish got me thinking about the issue.

How to get more time?

I’m not saying I’m any more expert on this issue than you, but that won’t stop me saying what I think (After over 1000 blog posts written in this blog, I’m pretty sure you know this).

I’ve written a lengthy post titled 100 ways to be more productive which offers plenty of ideas on how to be more productive and get more time (worth checking by the way), and I think we all have ideas on how to get more time.

I think one very important thing in getting more time is to decide to make time. I think we all need to realize that we cannot get everything. We must choose to make time. There’s a story about this old businessman whose doctor said that the old man could not work in his current 8-12 hours-per-day pace. The businessman could work only 2 hours a day, or his health would be gone soon.

When the businessman heard this, he realized that he needed to really decide what’s truly important and concentrate 100% on those issues. No more 8 (or 12 hour days). 2 hours was all there was.

This made the businessman to have much more productive hours than he could ever have.

Sometimes the way to get more time, get more done – is to do less.

Juuso Hietalahti