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Humor is a double edged sword: humor can be a positive force in workplaces, and it can make coping with things easier. The problem with humor is “where you draw the line”?

The above pic about The Phantom can be funny, but there might be some people who get offended (or think that is stupid toilet humor – heh). Same goes humor in workplaces: where can we draw the line? Is it okay to tell jokes about politicians? About women? Men?

Is South Park humor okay?

In Finland there’s this comics called Viivi & Wagner that tells about a talking pig character and his wife. I think most men find this okay to make jokes about how men are pig. In one comic strip, the pig Wagner wanted to start drawing a comic about a man and a cow – and got us thinking if that would be acceptable to draw such comic where woman would be represented by a cow character (and man would be human).

It’s a tricky issue, and I’ve found it best that most of the jokes I tell are somehow related about myself (rather than ‘attacks’ about other people).

What’s your thoughts?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. My usual rule is that the joke isn’t funny unless the target is laughing. It’s like the men finding it funny that the man in the comic is a pig, because men are the target. If they laugh, generally it’s okay.

    If you think about two people telling jokes aimed at each other and enjoying the activity. It’s like two friends giving each other a hard time. It’s not serious. Of course there is the age old rules of time, place and choosing your audience. You would be considered not too bright to tell jokes or stories about killing cats at a Humane Society Event.

  2. It’s true that some people are overly sensitive but if I’m ok about making jokes about myself it’s kinder to do that instead.

  3. I think people who get offended by something which was not meant to offend anyone, are offending the people who made the thing which was not meant to be offending.

  4. It took me a while to see what was going on in that comic strip.

    Agreed that it’s easy to make funny jokes about other people but maybe it’s best not too, sometimes it can make that person feel bad too.

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