Game Producer Christmas Calendar – Day 23 (And The Winners Are…)

Juuso is on Xmas trip, and will be back after some days… Sorry, this means that the winners also shall receive Training in Patience as it takes some time for Santa to get those presents to you.

The Xmas contest is now officially over, and there were so many witty posts that this was really difficult for me to decide who shall win the game.

Games go to:
Penny – Return to Ravenhurst (for suggesting me to ask a game too!)

Sargon – The Tales of Bingwood (which goes to his friend)

luke seddon – copy of Dead Wake :)

Tyler – also a copy of Dead Wake!

Ivane Gegia – Unreal Tournament GOTY (since he has got almost no presents for decades)

Steven Egan – The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning (because of the bloody long letters, and the fact you thought about your little sister)

While I won’t be giving more games this Christmas, I have couple of more comments to other:

Jake – You asked more time, and since playing all those games (that you asked) would have meant loads of time spent in playing games, now you don’t need to worry about that. By not giving you those games, you’ll have plenty of time to do Christmas pudding, right? :)

Lumooja – Perhaps your dad can buy you the one?

Katherine – It’s dangerous to give games to your boyfriend. (As for Lemmings, try this abandonware link and click ‘download’)

NeoLithic – Leave the neighbours dog alone, and consider playing Lego Star Wars (or just with Legos) with your kids. Much safer route.

Dreyke Boone – Sorry, this time Santa could not get you this game… but maybe next year!

moravanda – Sounds good. Your wish is my command.

psycho – This was not the place to ask for Jesus. Tsk tsk! (just kidding ;)

Shane – Not making an mmorpg is a good sign. Fallout 3 is nice, and I’m sure your dad will be happy to buy that game.

Sargon – I asked Carmack about Doom 5 and he said that he had already made a youtube video preview about it, and the source code will probably leak soon.

Rorkimaru – Sorry, no more stickers and stuff like that is available.

Emanuele D’Arrigo – I have big bones.

Janette – Puppies can be really messy, so how about a live reindeer?

Coco Guo – Hmm, it’s bit too far away, but maybe at some day there will be more COD content in your country?

DJW – The game is so good that I’m sure you enjoy it even more if you spend the money on it. Maybe then we could play it some day online?

Bilbo – I tried decrypting it but the end result was “apple pie”, so I’m not sure if I did it right. Maybe next Xmas we’ll get non-encrypted version?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Steven – thanks. Now I see why he encrypted the message… if the brother-in-law’s wife would see this he’d be in trouble.

    Katherine: no problem – remember to check the game for viruses.

  2. Thanks Juuso! I am having lunch at work now so I can’t download, I was suspicious as I thought I had found this link before, so I read the discussion on the site, and they told me what I possibly missed last time I got the game >_<”

    Thanks tons :) The boyfriend and I will now be very happy over new years. I’m glad you got what you wanted for Christmas too ^__^

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