Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Here’s some practical marketing tips:

    Also subscribe to my newsletter to get a free Ad Trap ebook (it explains some pitfalls):

    Hope these can give you some pointers.

    Facebook ads: don’t really know. Haven’t used facebook, but I guess there’s nothing to stop you from trying (or googling for more info on how others have used Facebook ads). Don’t pour money into advertising before you know what you are doing. :)

  2. Hi Juuso,

    Is http://www.rabbitpoint.com/ is your SGS based portal? As I am starting my own portal with a basic mygamespace setup, I am wondering how do I promote the website, top earners like mygamespace.com/allrcade don’t seem to be doing much site wise unless if they probably have an active blog where they refer to their portal. Do I need to start a paid advertisement campaign for example? one approach I am trying is through a fan page on facebook, I can keep suggesting the page to friends whom can also promote it to other friends but that’s my take ages until it reaches target customers. Hence 1 or 2 in my over 200 friends will be interested in purchasing games. What is your thoughts on facebook advertisement program?


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