I’ve Got Fever (Feels Like Living In The World of Goo)

I’ve got fever. My head hurts. My neck hurts. I feel weak. My head is full of goo (I think). Getting ill is not fun. (Hmm, and I start to feel like becoming a master complainer).

I don’t get sick often, and I wonder why this many times happen when my vacation begins? I can’t recall when I had fever in other time than on holidays. I wonder if my body realizes that now I have time to get sick since I’m on holiday? Does anyone else get sick mostly only on holidays?

I noticed that I had couple hundred unread emails so I’ll deal with some of them now and then go back to bed. Same goes for all the gifts and stuff I’ve promised to do – I’ll deal with them when I get better (hopefully soon).

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I never get sick. Last time I got sick was 6 years ago (after army, so doesn’t count really). Before that another 6 years. Good immune system ftw.

  2. That is also perhaps why they are saying “catch a cold”

  3. My friend claims that cold weather can make you ill.
    So if you have been inside your warm room, then decide to go out to get some fresh air, and its cold outside. You might get ill.
    But that is just my friend’s theory, I can’t guarantee it is true. ;)

    And get well soon.

  4. You’ve hit the nail on the head. Many people get ill on holidays after they have been working really hard as finally their system un-tenses and suddenly the illness they’ve been fighting off gets a hold. Get well soon!

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