It’s Good to Start a Year By Doing What You Promised

It’s a brand new year now. First day of the year, and I want to start it by doing one of the things I promised to do. Here are the list of donators of those who helped me to get GTA 4.

In order of apperance…

Ofer (Pompi Pompi)
Tobias (Spell of Play)
Penny (who game me the idea to ask for this)
Janette (Evolutionary)
Martin (Running Pillow)
Jake (Grey Alien Games)
Josh (Leadwerks)
Jay (Hobbit Hole)
Julio (Lemon Team)
Daniel (Game Dreamer)
Michael (Michael James Williams)
Ronny (Kybernesis)

Thanks guys.

I’m emailing the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Producers ebook to you now. Those of you who participated, please subscribe to the Dead Wake game newsletter to get informed when the game is released (so that you can claim your copy when the game is out).

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. That’s great to hear!

    Julio: I’m giving 81 points out of 100 to the game, so yeh, I’m happy with the game. I’ve progressed like 25% of it, although then encountered a bug where I could not progress anymore (arriving to ‘yellow arrow’ locations did nothing O_O), was pissed off a bit… and will try loading a previously saved game to see if it works.

    (93/100 is what Left 4 Dead gets from me btw – another game I bought bit before GTA 4)

  2. The ebook was pretty good juuso, it really made me rethink about several things.

  3. Hope you are enjoying GTA IV Juuso! I got it on release date and still haven’t finished it (it’s damn long) :)

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