Oh Crap, Winter Is Here (And It’s Ruining My Car)

Are you familiar with the old game production wisdom that says: “Fixing one bug just leads to 3-4 new bugs”?

I’ve just encountered it. Kind of. With my car.

Today we saw about -10 degrees (celcius) here, and the car doors were frozen. I tried opening one door, and then closing it, just to notice that it would not close anymore. I did all kinds of fancy stuff (no, I’m far from being a car mechanic) but with little luck. In the end, I just decided to try another approach and decided to open another door.

Bad move.

That door didn’t close either. The freaking door lock mechanism (or something) was simply so frozen that I could not close the door any more. I tried all sorts of melt-your-key-hole-thingy-sprays and whatnot but with little luck. Now I had two doors that could not be closed.

Eventually I just slammed the doors and thought that I let it be. It’s too bloody cold anyway so robbers won’t be stealing it (hopefully none of them is reading this blog now).

Nasty winter.

Luckily (like with any programming bugs) there’s always the ‘quick fix’ method. I’ve played so many adventure games that I know what to do when I see a long rope in the trunk of my car…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I forgot to mention one thing on my above comment. Along with making sure you are not spilling the hot water inside the car, also make sure that you NOT pouring the water on the car window. Since it’s already cold, you don’t want to spill the hot water over it.

  2. My car also have the problem of not getting closed during those climates mentioned above. A mechanic suggested to pour hot water over the rubber strip inside the door (without spilling inside the car). One big mug of water should be fine. Now try closing it and it should close. Even when I start to home from work, I will carry a small bottle of hot water just in case if my door is not getting closed.

  3. Jake: Hah! But things are progressing: you spotted the *solution* in the end of the blog post… right? ;)

    Ryan: Things are actually better here nowadays, 8 years ago it was around -30 degrees here in Winter, but I suppose global warming (or whatnot people want to believe) has been helping us ;) nowadays we’ll see -15 sometimes, and maybe -20 if it’s really cold… but don’t think it will go lower in this town.

  4. It’s been -20 – -10 C in Ottawa and Waterloo for a while now.

    Currently -35 C in Regina… (I only look at that temperature because my sister lives there; I didn’t go searching for cold places.)

  5. Sounds like a complaint ;-)

    It’s snowing again in Vancouver and I’m wondering if I should have come into work … I partly did it to focus as there’s going to be a kids’ party at home.

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