Are You Making a Living Making Games? (I Have a Business Proposal For You)

50+ applicants received this offer is closed (for now)

I’m putting together a package that contains noise-free information about making a living making games. For this, I’m going to interview 20-30 game developers who currently have a job in the gaming industry (or who are self-employed game developers).

If you happen to be one (who has a job in the gaming industry or are self-employed game developer), please contact me.

Artists, programmers, producers, composers, testers – everybody (in gaming field) is welcome.

Those who participate will be receiving:

  • Chance to help others follow your footsteps
  • Promotion & traffic to your site (most likely)
  • Package for pro bono (that means free)
  • Chance to actually get paid (there’s a catch of course ;)
  • Fame & glory :)

(Please notice that I will first limit this chance to only 20-30 participants, so if you are interested throw me an email sooner rather than later).

Ready to participate? Contact me .

4 thoughts on “Are You Making a Living Making Games? (I Have a Business Proposal For You)

  1. wazoo

    I would love to contribute some input, only from the “what NOT to do” aspect of things.

    I’m only now currently working my way towards where I want to aim with my company, but it’s taken me a while as I jumped into just about every mine there is.


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