I’m a Darn Proud Cleaner (Are You?)

Yesterday I spend several hours cleaning my email inbox, and got rid of hundreds of unread emails – and cleaned several folders I had created. I didn’t get to zero emails in my inbox, but with this pace I’m there (hopefully) very soon and tend to keep that way. It’s a wonderful feeling to see an empty folder (instead of a folder with hundreds of unread emails).

How many unread emails you have in your email box?

How often you clean your email?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I don’t have any unread emails but I have hundreds that I have read. I really should go in and clean up but I never get to it.

  2. Yeah I don’t delete them if they are important and I may need to refer to them which happens quite a lot especially for work ones. I just archive them.

  3. I never delete any mails. I still have all mails up from 1995.
    It’s good to have a database based e-mail system (Lotus Notes) where you can just cut/paste mails to different databases, or let it automatially archive them.

  4. 0. Every day.

    I still get spam on one account despite filters. I also unsubscribed from practically everything about a year ago and this just minimises the processing I need to do.

  5. I usually try to keep my inbox as clean as possible, because after I put off reading/ replying to one message, it becomes two, then three, then four, then…

    I keep it as simple as possible, but keep it organized:
    Inbox (Personal Email)
    +Facebook Test Dummy (For testing FB Apps ;) )
    Text Messages (I have an email text message system set up)
    +Misc Newsletters… (Only two actuallty get split from webmaster)

    Right now I have one in webmaster. In my newsletters, I have one with 237, I unsubscribed from it a while back. In another I have 339 (TechRepublic) which I read occasionally when I see something that particularly catches my eye.

    I’d say I keep myself pretty dang clean.


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