Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Yah I own Armadillo Run too. I liked Crayon Physics a lot. The simplicity of the game and yet it’s physical nature is what makes it fun.

    But both of these games are of the same vein. Let’s see if either of them gets a sequel made for one of them at least. I’d like an A.R. sequel first, then maybe C.P. If you catch my acronyms.

  2. That looks really like an must to have game!

    I bought Armadillo Run earlier, which was a similar 2D physics game, because it made me constantly laugh at my own stupidity when I built too big constructs, which collapsed at their own weight :P
    I can’t remember a game where I really had to laugh so much, it was pure fun.

    Crayon Physics Deluxe seems a bit different in gameplay though, but I can imagine how it’s a real party game, where people can draw on the screen with a bottle of beer in their other hand :)
    I mean with friends you don’t want to sit on the computer, and acting anti-social. It’s like a Wii game for PC, but of course it’s also fun to play alone.

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