Nice Tiny Url Trick To Protect Your Email Address From Spam

I saw this trick at Mr Phil Games website. If you scroll down, you will see a ‘contact us’ link that was pointing to TinyURL.com. The point it to use tiny url and create a link that points to your email address in a (hopefully) protected manner (as in “mailto:your@yemailaddresshere.com”) .

I just created one for myself, try clicking it:

http://tinyurl.com/8b3e22 (yes, it might look strange but it’s safe to click it – it basically just lets you send email to me :)


By clicking that link, it opens your emailing software with my address. Pretty neat trick me thinks.

Word of warning though: I’m not sure if spambots can somehow fetch the email via link, so I take no responsibility if people manage to spam you using this method. I personally prefer using images (tinyurl.com address looks bit non-professional anyway), but just wanted to mention this trick. Use it with caution.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I know people that don’t trust TinyURL because it masks the real place you’re going to. EG: I’ve clicked on a TinyURL before on deviantART and it redirected me to the Logout page, which is a pain because that logs me out of both of my computers ~x(


  2. Well, come to think of this… I suppose one could create for example contact.php and make it change location to the email…

  3. I’ve been using the tinyurl for several years and I don’t think it has been picked up by any bots, at least not yet. I hadn’t considered it being treated as spyware. I wanted a solution that makes it very easy for someone to email me. Forms and captcha etc are a barrier to that. Jake’s solution is interesting. Does it avoid the spyware issues?

  4. Actually I don’t have captcha in the contact form. But I could easily set it to have.
    Though I wonder if I should have captcha in ContactUs form? because it could be really annoying to have to fill captcha just for a single message.

  5. TinyUrl tends to be treated as a spyware in my firewall program.
    What I have is a contact us form with captcha.
    Though using an image is probably a pretty good solution, instead of having a password in captcha, you simply imitate captcha by putting your email in an image.

  6. I just show mine in regular text now, having my email linked to my Gmail account gets rid of 99.9% of the spam

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