When Did Syberia 2 Became a Casual Game?

Syberia II has been released and is now available at Big Fish Games. I remember testing Syberia’s first version when it was launched some years ago. I find it quite amazing that this adventure game is now published in a casual games portal.

Syberia 1 required quite a lot of time & effort to get you going anywhere. Syberia 2 is 1.16 GB big (quite a big size for a casual game!), but I suppose times change – and games gotta change too.

At some point I thought that adventure games will raise their heads through casual games… and maybe that’s what happening here.

Things are evolving.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. It was now published via BFG – big casual gaming portal, so was simply wondering how Syberia 2 is considered “casual game”.

  2. I fail to see the point in this post. Syberia 2 released in 2004 and you write about it like it was yesterday..

  3. Big Fish Games has updated several retail adventure games, under the name of ‘Large File Games’. Most of them were from Adventure Company(Dreamcatcher) before, but more publishers came in, as Merscom.

    I think it’s due to ‘Some Casual Gamers also play Adventure’ or ‘Some Adventure Gamers also play Casual’. Visit Gameboomers(http://www.gameboomers.com) , and their ‘Casual Game’ forum. GB members are very Adventure-gamers, but also for Casual-gamers. And even the head of BFG registered GB forum, and sometimes leave thread / answer there. (BFG-guy, if I remember correctly.)

    And in fact, BFG does not have only adventure game, but does also have another ‘core’ game, as [Capitalism 2].

  4. Hmm, that’s interesting news. Never heard that one before…

    I haven’t tested those adventure games much, you “old school” adventure gamer?

  5. The adventure games are the only thing that keeps be substribed to big fish. Even if I don’t really have enough time to play through them all.

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