Only 12 Spots Left Now…

Just wanted to let you know that the fancy Insiders special offer is not going to be available for long. I’ve emailed about this offer in my newsletter, and few hundred people have read the email (and some of them are probably pondering whether to join) and few hundred more people will probably read it soon (and some of them will probably ponder whether to join).

This is one-time offer that won’t be available any more… there’s now 12 (if I counted right) spots left at the time of writing. If you’ve though about joining Insiders then now it would be a good time to save $100.

I’m bit biased to say this (you know, I’m the guy selling this service), but I honestly think that the service is way more worth than the current price (and if you’ve read any of the testimonials you’ll see that the guys who are already members agree on me with this. The cost of the service is only 5 or 6 sold copies in a year and for that you get the press release service, special resources about programming, game production, marketing, sales and much much more. Basically, it’s a good deal.

Juuso Hietalahti