I’m In Heaven (My Inbox Shows “Zero Emails”)

About a week ago I wrote about cleaning your (okay, mine) email inbox and today I finally finished it. I was about to leave 2 emails there, but then thought: “whadda heck, I’d just might do this now” and replied those emailed and archived all my inbox emails.

I was thrilled to see empty inbox.

Seriously, I now have empty inbox, and it’s amazing feeling. I feel like there’s no longer “small matters bugging me in the email”. I think it’s awesome.

I hope to get addicted on this.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Wow! I posted the same link twice! *shakes head*.

  2. My home inbox is down to 0, and my work email seems to hover around 5. Those last 20 emails have been the hardest for some reason! By the way, Nerd Merit Badges has an Inbox Zero merit badge (made to look like Boy Scout merit badges):


  3. I only started moving emails out of the inbox when I’d dealt with them recently – I used to just keep them all in a big long list. So I now finally understand this sentiment. Well done Juuso!

    I only have 8 emails in my inbox at the moment, but they feel difficult to get through. It’s not helped by the fact that I’ve just got an influx of new people on my forum (which is great, and a result of my game Mayhem Intergalactic being listed on Steam – woohoo!), and every time someone posts a message I get an alert… feels like I have to run just to stay in the same place!

    It’s good, but I feel like I’m not getting much done. :)

  4. Great, now keep it that way. I love cleaning mine out every day (sometimes twice) but if I don’t do it for a few days I can feel anxious ;-) That’s the other side of it :-)

  5. > I’m In Heaven (My Inbox Shows “Zero Emails”).

    You don’t need a lot to make you happy ;)


  6. That article prompted me to start clearing things out, as well. I started with 3500+ emails in my inbox! We switched our company email to run through Gmail years ago, and frankly I just never really learned how to use it. I got through a thousand in the first sitting, and since have tasked myself with eliminating 100 more every morning. Down to 1150 at the moment, which might still seem alarming to some, but considering my starting point, it feels great.

    Once I’m done, I’m going to run my home email addresses into the same Gmail account to take advantage of it’s fantastic spam control, and to have them all in the same place. Thanks for starting a fire under me, Juuso!

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