Coding At Night, What a Strange Feeling…

It’s been 15 years since I’ve coded anything at this time of day (night to be exact). It’s now midnight, and for some reason I didn’t feel like going to bed so I decided to stay up late and just code. Coding at night is probably familiar to many of you readers (I have bunch of friends who code especially at night), but I’ve personally switched my internal clock and adjusted my coding times to daytimes.

It’s kind of a strange feeling to code in the middle of night.

Especially when you are working on a dark room, coding tiny flashlight for a zombie game. Spooky.

I think I head to sleep now…

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Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Me too, i am a daylight people but i knowns “vampire people” that produce well pass midnight.

  2. I can’t program by myself. I need others around me just to break up the workday a bit.

    I’m also a morning person too and can get a lot of work done before lunch.

  3. Yeah I think coding at night and coming into the office on holidays when no one is around is best explained simply because there are no interruptions.

  4. Heh, at the Uni I remember playing Vampire rpg (online) until 5 am… and then I was simply too tired to continue watching the screen… and fell to sleep (I had no chairs, just bed + computer desk in my room :D)

    “I was programming until 2am last night. Problem is it’s hard to go to sleep then as your brain is whirring and overtired.”
    …then why the heck are you doing that? :D

  5. I was programming until 2am last night. Problem is it’s hard to go to sleep then as your brain is whirring and overtired.

  6. I was a night time programmer all through university, I just loved the feeling of programming knowing there is no possibility for interruptions. This had to stop when I finally had a 9-5 job, which went more on the 9-8 side. Now that I have the over time under control, I’m back to programming around late evening to night time once the kid is in bed. I do find my productivity slowing down when I pass the midnight range though, so I try not to go too late (diminishing returns and all that :) ).

  7. All nighter FTW indeed! For me it’s kinda the only option. I get home around 9pm from my “day” job. So I’m most productive during 10pm – 4am, if I’m not doing something useless like gaming or watching movies.

  8. All nighters FTW! Seriously though I’m at a disadvantage when it comes to coding during the day. I don’t have a peaceful place to code during the day where I can focus on the code. So, I generally code at night.

  9. For some reason, I can focus and be more productive way better at late night, but I try to avoid it so I don’t screw up my sleeping.


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