Okay, That Is NOT The Way to Fix Bugs…

I was discussing with a friend of mine who described how one guy had handled bug fixing. My friend said that instead of actually fixing the bugs, the programmer wrote scripts to fix the data that the bugs created.

So, now there was code that was producing corrupted data.

And instead of fixing the erroneous code.

The guy was writing more code that would fix the corrupted data.

Talk about getting to the root of the problem…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Hi there:

    The trouble with this action is sometimes a developer MUST FIX a “stuff” but he don’t have access to the source code or direct access to where is the problem.

    For example, just a couple of weeks ago i must developer a program that connect with SAP but they don’t give me access to SAP. So, what do i can?.

  2. I’m using dds textures, and at first I forgot to flip it horizontally, and just put y=1-y; in the code (avoding trouble converting gigs of data). Now if we start using another format, this will be problem.

    But it can always be easily fixed, and it did save me hours of time. So sometimes hack is useful (probably not in your story, though).

    Bugs only create bugs – you start to fix code that is not realy broken, and actually broke it. Then you build a pyramid of broken code, that you will have to fix one day.

  3. I absolutely agree that this is totally the wrong approach to take, especially since it sounds like no effort was put into finding the bug(we don’t know that for a fact). Let’s all be honest though, didn’t we all had that bug that we can’t explain, but by changing something that can’t obviously be a fix actually does fix the problem? Then the boss comes over and ask if you have a fix and you say “I can make the problem not happen, but it’s not a fix, we have to get to the root of the problem”. Then the reply is “Everyday that we’re late is costing us and we can’t delay this any further…push it through.

    Well, I hope no one else has to go through this, it’s very frustrating, but I have to admit that I hit the submit button in Perforce a few times and wasn’t proud of it! We all want to come back and fix it later, but there’s always more things piling up and so little time!

  4. That guy is obviously an orc or goblin. That’s how these folks handle problems. Oh, and orcs grow from mushrooms.

  5. Problem is this fix only fixed little things – the database if full of broken data – Hence a total rebuilt.

  6. If it works, then I don’t see why not.

    It’s pretty much like the Hubble telescope. They put a lens on it, since fixing it would be too much trouble.

  7. “Talk about getting to the root of the problem…”
    He did not require root privilege’s as well did he?
    I would hate to think what would happen if there was an error in the script, would he then create another script to correct the script which was trying to correct the code. /me head spins.

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