Top Selling Indie Games On Steam (January 2009)

Steam has its own category for indie games. Here’s a recent shot that lists the top selling indie games on Steam right now.

Quite interesting that Garry’s Mod (been there for ages) is selling so well taken into account that the game mod was published on 2006 (really cool!). It’s also quite interesting that World of Goo (80-90% of players are pirates) is also in the top. I’d wish to see more indie games getting there.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I usually look at indy game sales every couple of days. What you will notice is that it seems to be what is selling good for that particular day.

    Many times the new games will sell well for a few days than fall right off the chart, though Garrys mod seems to stay close to the top.

  2. Can someone give numbers, what mean most “top selling” in number of units? Thanks.

  3. Played World of Goo – it deserves the high score and its position in the Top Sellers list. It’s a fantastic game – original, funny, addictive.

    I knew about Garry’s Mod a while ago, and knew that it was popular, but STILL in the Top Sellers list? Wow…

  4. Good to see Aquaria on the list. I bought it (not through Steam), finished it, and I really think it deserves a better score than 84. It was beautiful, the story was fascinating, and the original control scheme really worked well.

  5. Steam are notorious for not giving away their sales figures tho.

    That said, I’ve spent a fair few pennies spending money on games I would never have normally bought. Steam has been an excellent forum to promote these games.

    What’s good for Steam is good for other game portals too. From the good experiences I’ve had I have happily spread out to other games portals.

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