50% Permanent Discount On Casual Games?

Reflexive has dropped the price of ALL games to $9.99. Every single game. No special discounts, no promo codes, no game club passes, no nothing.

All the games are priced $9.99 (and not $19.99).

What’s going on?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I love the fact that as an affiliate I didn’t even receive an email from gamecentresolution to say this discount was happening (or had happened).

    One other item I’d like to point out was that on the 6th, 3 days after the exciting new pricing strategy was announced, 103(!) games were removed from distribution by the developers/publishers.

  2. not all games have been discounted though, I just noticed that most of the popcap games on reflexive affiliates are not 9.99, with bookworm adventures still being 29.95

    to me this move stinks, and I blame gamepass et al. the perceived value of a pc downloadable has hit rock bottom. What happened to the view that pc versions were “deluxe”!?

  3. Everyone who had “reflexive affiliate” pages are in a tough boat… doubtful most of them can make up 3x the volume from that price drop.

    A couple are moving all the reflexive games to a low-budget category (and taking out the best ones) so their own full-priced games don’t get devalued to customers. Some of you might want to do that too

    It’s a bad trend for sure. One of the higher ups at a portal I’m friends with says developers dealing with amazon/reflexive is definitely going to affect whether they market or even accept games

  4. So at $6.99 you have to sell about 3 times more copies which is quite a lot but Amazon has some big coverage so it’ll be interesting to see what happens. It may make more people aware of the whole Casual Games thing which is not a bad thing.

  5. eheh and this prove that Jake was right… ok but there’s one more developer happier than before :P

  6. taking this specific case…

    now with 20$ I will buy two games instead of one.

  7. I don’t agree with Jake Birkett…
    cause developers now will sell more copies.

  8. Yeah I guess that now all the portals are warring price with GameHouse offering games at $5.99 ($1.00 less than BFG) a few months ago. Customers win, developers loose.

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