How To More Than Double Your Productivity With Just 3 Mouse Clicks

1) Close the Email program you are currently running.
2) Close the Web browser (all of the screens if you happen to have many).
3) Close the Instant Messenger (or messengers if you happen to run several chat programs).

Do it now.

Now write some code, create some art, compose music or do the tasks what you really should be doing. And no excuses: you can very well use Notepad or something to write blog posts. No, you don’t really need to dig all that info from the web while coding. If people really have important information for you, they can use the phone. (And if that starts to bother, close your cellphone too)

That’s pretty much it.

When you have finished some of your actual work, you can go online again.

If can see this line of text, you are doing something wrong (since you should have closed the web browser already).

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. if i do so, i will not be able to read those wonderfull blog posts of your :D

  2. There’s no way you’d be able to do those 3 things in 3 clicks…One click would be used to focus the app and then more to close it…unless you use keyboard shortcuts too…

  3. Html code didn’t show up, but you get the idea! (Surround it with h1 tags and use some CSS to make it more intimidating!)

  4. It’s for that reason that I’ve set this to be my homepage:

    Get Back To Work!

    Even when I’m determined to keep my browser closed I will still open it out of habit before I remember that I’m not supposed to open it. So this way I have a huge message every time I launch Firefox that usually does the job :)

  5. I’m using LeechBlock.. redirects me to my dashboard and keeps me away from Google Reader, GMail, YouTube and other Web2.0 stuff. ;)

  6. I wish I could do that… Argh… this internet addiction is harder to quit than cigarette.


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