I’m Running Through a Long (Content) Pipe(line)

I’ve mentioned in my Leadwerks review that the tool is good, but the content pipeline might require a bit of work.

Well, couple of days ago I was trying to get .X files (not the movie but a file in .X format) to .GMF (the format that Leadwerks uses). There’s a “.B3D to .GMF” tool available in Leadwerks SDK. So, first I tried to export .X file to .B3D file and then to .GMF.

For some unknown reason this didn’t work (I think it was Fragmotion that resisted the export this time, since some other .X files have been easily exported). After trial and error I eventually tried first exporting .X to .MS3D (Milkshape format) and then opened the file in .MS3D and exported to .B3D which I then exported to .GMF.

This time it worked. This Leadwerks content pipeline (“the way to get art from tools to game”) is bit long (.X to .MS3D to .B3D to .GMF) but at least it works.


I think I’ve mention at some point that game development is bit like solving puzzles

P.S. After bringing out this issue, Josh – the guy behind Leadwerks – pointed out that there’s also a direct .X to .GMF exporter available. Now, that’s a relief…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Actually the content import pipeline is very important – the faster the better. You will need plenty of iterations usually, and the longer it takes the less agile,iterative the whole process becomes.
    The best is automated content exporter, processors and importers. When we automated the DDC output-processing and importation, we experienced a boost of a couple of magnitudes.

  2. Yeah, quite often the source models are somehow wrong or messed up, missing textures, wrong size, wrong rotation, hard edges, inverted faces, etc…
    With UU3D I have been always able to fix those issues before exporting to GMF.

  3. Actually, there’s also .X to .GMF converter… but looks like something was messed in the actual model. The only way to convert it was through .MS3D

  4. You need the right tools do you your work right.
    Ultimate Unwrap 3D Pro converts from any format to any format, including the Leadwerks GMF format.

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