Remember Alawar? They Are Now In MySpace

MySpace and Alawar (the leading publisher of casual games in Eastern Europe), are launching an Alawar games section on MySpace Russia. I remember seeing loads of discussion about Alawar few years ago, but somehow they haven’t been under my radar. Now it looks like they are still doing well (and they are selling games for $6.98 by the way…)

Alawar works with more than 30 developers, providing a full range of services that includes producing, distributing and marketing games. Alawar also distributes its own releases via its broad network of websites. The company’s offerings can also be found on numerous download portals, including RealNetworks, Big Fish, Yahoo! Games, AOL, iWIN and others. In addition to distributing games online, Alawar works with CD publishers in more than 20 countries.

Like said, I haven’t heard about them for while but a quick search to forums got me bit suspicious:

Not sure how they are doing in year 2009, but they could be worth checking out if you want to get your game to Eastern side of the world. (But do your research first)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I signed an exclusive deal with Alawar in 2005 for a game and I’ve got nothing but positive things to say. Helpful in production, testing, no problems with either contacts nor payments.

  2. After signing a 30 page contract and faxing it to Russia, I also had trouble in contacting them, my contact now has changed so many times I don’t know who to speak to any more. Had other issues too. They are not in my list of top portals for sure, just my list of top time wasters. Hopefully other people have had more positive experiences.

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