GamersHell.com – You Gotta Appreciate What These Guys Do

Thanks to indie game press release service I’ve come to know GamersHell very well. I’ve followed these guys uploading tons of content to their site, and they’ve actually subscribed to my newsletters so that they get info fast. One recent piece of news was about my game’s new version that got online.

These guys are really fast at putting info at their site, and whenever I’ve told them to add some changes they’ve acted fast and covered the news (and always got back at me via email).

Gotta admire how they do this stuff.

(And gotta keep sending news stories to them…)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Good call, it would be great to get a beefier interview from this gentleman, going into specifics about some of the important day to day activities that he has developed over the years.. Specific pitfalls that he has learned to spot and how to mitigate their risk, etc etc.

    Either way good post and thanks for the links

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