Sneaky Little Thing To Do With Newsletters (How to Get Complaint Rate Down)

I’ve been using Aweber newsletter for some time now and one thing I’ve experienced with my Dead Wake game mailing list has been that several newsletter readers have complained (in way of “why am I getting this email”) – according to Aweber.

These guys have subscribed to the Dead Wake mailing list and have got informed that they will get emails about new versions. Still, for some reason some percentage (for example 0.45%) complained about emails they received.

For the latest email, I did one tiny change. Earlier I had sent emails from “juuso’s email address”. Now I changed the sender to “Dead Wake Newsletter”. After this tiny change, the complaint numbers dropped to 0%.

Okay, I admit that this one test doesn’t tell everything… but it’s still by far the lowest complaint rate I’ve got, which is a sign about something good. I’ll test it and see what happens in the upcoming newsletter emails.

I wonder if I should do the same for the Game Producer mailing list…

Juuso Hietalahti