Lesson Learned: Never Ask at Public Forums ‘How to Shoot And Damage Objects?’

I asked the question ‘How to Shoot And Damage Objects?’ in Leadwerks programming forums and of course people couldn’t resist being wiseguys… The first reply I got: “You can use Barrett .50 or Sako TRG-42 sniper rifles which kill in one shot.”

Thanks Lumooja for reminding me that you get what you ask for…

Okay, he also pointed out that “Another way would be to use a entitykey”, so it was all cool… and worth thanking.

Juuso Hietalahti

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  1. Yeah I use to try and get Linux user groups together and the thing that I hate the most is when I say “people need to see each other face to face” they always flame me saying “Yeah cause everyone that works on Linux is in one place!” that is a much mellower version, but you get the idea….

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