New Indie Game Magazine Is Out

The new Indie Game Magazine is out. I just went through the process of buying a digital copy (that was easy & quick) and here’s a review about this magazine. For starters, I think they’ve done good job making this indie game magazine. The magazine is really nice (maybe the ‘indie factor’ affects me to some extent), and there were only a few little things in the layout of the book that I didn’t like (The front page font in issue #3 didn’t look as nice as for example the front page of issue #1)… and of course there could be always more content but overall I enjoyed reading it.

I think all the reviews were clear and it was nice see that they have several reviewers there (both male and female by the way). The editorial was pro-indie (well, what can you expect…?) and I think those full page ads looked actually quite professional (hint for you: it’s pretty easy to get your ad there).

It was quite thrilling to read indie game reviews from an indie-only magazine. The concept is new, and I think the magazine deserves all the support it can get (put the word out you folks with blogs).

Here’s some ideas on what I’d consider adding:

  • Subscription based buying could be more visible. Now it was hidden on some page on their site. I’d put a bloody big button near the banner (but maybe it’s just me :))
  • I’d consider rewording that RSS/newsletter subscription (compared to magazine subscription). Perhaps somebody confuses these two (other is free, other isn’t)
  • Get affiliates (at least for digital version, and offer 50-75% cut ‘for those who join early’): just think about offering developers free advertising space or cut of the payments if they promote the magazine. (Even 100% affiliate cut could work for first bought magazine).
  • Add pictures of reviewers. A tiny thing but gives more personal touch.
  • I don’t know if they’ve plans for this, but I’d add a small “news” section in the magazine. Something simple where indies could send news about their games (with one paragraph text or so).

Bottom line is that if you are a developer, then promote your games (you can do that for free by giving interview/content).

And if you are reading this post, then go and support indie gaming (like I did) in form of buying an indie gaming magazine. Check out the Indie Game Magazine.

Good stuff editors, keep it coming.

One thought on “New Indie Game Magazine Is Out

  1. We went into the contest for a free ad in this magazine (RotoAdventures), i really have to thanks to this people its a great support for indies.

    By the way some people complain about making the ad for the contest not worth it, the time and effort to do it… I have to say that i just spend half an hour making it… may be is not the best but its a funny one.