5 thoughts on “Be Like the Frog In This Funny Picture

  1. I was just kidding. ;)

    Yes, meant hijack.

  2. What did I steal? Or do you mean hijack? Sorry anyway for whatever it was.

  3. I have that same motif on the wall by my desk at work, although is not the same illustration. Working as a game designer, and now a game producer, it has kind of been my main work motto. When the going get’s tough, as it often does, I just look at that image and is inspired by it. I found it a fun coincidence that you posted that same image on your game producer blog. Perhaps it should be standardized as an inspiration to game producers?


  4. I think that Frog is just awesome :)

    Congraz on the launch and stealing my blog post ;)

  5. Great picture, made me lol anyway. Those 21 points were neat btw (of course I know them all already ;-p). Game launched last night to GameClub members and is doing very well. I’ll post properly about it tomorrow when non-members can download the demo.