When Stuff Doesn’t Wokr, People Might Not Tell You About It

Some time ago I tried using ‘popup’ system for Newsletter subscription. I had changed the settings so that each visitor would see the popup only once.

Apparently there was something wrong, since some people got annoyed and stopped reading the blog feed (without me realizing this). I accidentally heard the feedback while asking something else at the Indiegamer boards. Thank god these guys let me knew about the issue there – otherwise it might have been long time before I would have realized this. Now I removed the popup (and will figure out some other way to put the newsletter in a prominent place).

When some stuff is wrong, people don’t necessarily let you know about it. Instead, they just might stop using it. It’s better not to assume. It’s better to ask around. Use forums or something, but get some feedback when trying new stuff.

By the way, it’s bit odd that the headline of this blog post accidentally got written like that…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I like how you rank first for the spelling mistake, nice seo trick ;).

    As for this article yeah its true, it got annoyed haven’t been here for a week.

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