Random News (Couple of Cool Gaming Links)

I’m going through some of the links I’ve wanted to visit… and thought to share. Check out:

  • Great Indie games pack (5 super games for $10). Thanks Lamonte for the tip. Awesome games. Go buy them.
  • CamSpace brings Wii like interactivity to Flash gaming (I suppose it could work with other than Flash too… Pretty neat eh?)
  • Metacritic analysis If Metacritic stats interest you at all, this guy posted a few video reports you may find insightful. Included are comparisons of Metacritic to Gamerankings, & Gamestats, as well as exploring their weighting system. Specifically, how pervasive the weights are, point spreads, and some trend analysis from 2000 to 2008.


P.S. The super secret game producer manual will be sent to the mailing list subscribers as soon as I get one thing confirmed from one of the producers. (And if you’ve subscribed to my mailing list earlier, you need to do nothing – I’ll email it to you asap).

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Ah, my bad. missed this (was getting so excited about the “5 games for $10” that I totally forgot about the weekend. :)

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