The Top iPhone Game Development Resources For Beginners

This post is for myself. I wanted to get some information about how to do iPhone games and what resources I should read to get familiar with this stuff. After digging a long hole in the Internet I found some gold – so to speak.

Of course after finding this stuff for myself, I also made it available to you guys. In fact, you can also participate and share your own iPhone findings.

Here’s the list of resources you gotta check out if you want to know more about iPhone game development:

iPhone development tools:

  • Unity offers an iPhone development solution.
  • iTorque is a development tool by Garage Games.
  • Cocos 2D – framework for building 2D game (thanks Totty)
  • Oolong Engine – for 3D games (thanks shadhex)
  • ShiVa – iPhone development tool by Stone Trip (thanks Daniel)
  • iPhone Game Kit – “make your iPhone game in 24 hours” (thanks Nicol├ís)

iPhone blogs:

  • Tap Tap Tap iPhone blog – Haven’t checked it much, but seemed like a decent iPhone blog (with some sales numbers too) that might be worth bookmarking.
  • Shadhex blog, “mainly about iPhone programming”. It’s a new site but we’ll see if it grows larger

iPhone news, sites and nice (plus some not so nice) stories:

And here’s much more:

That’s it folks.

Feel free to share your own iPhone resources in the blog entry comments.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Dear Jusso,

    I want to make a 3D Pokemon-like game for the iPhone, which I know without a doubt will be a hit, but I don’t know where/how to start. I’ve done the designs on paper. I know how to program a little on Visual Basic (not really relevant for game development. Lol). I know how to use Blender.. I want to try and do this all by myself with a bit of my brother’s help, as I don’t have much money to throw about, unfortunately. Thanks.

  2. Hi there…what would be the best way to start a game dev studio? I’m a marketer with some solid ideas for games. Should I team up with a programmer or pitch my ideas to establishes game studios?


    • If you are a great marketer, then there’s several options. At least these:
      – consider becoming a publisher, publishing games by others
      – seek game devs who already have done “your ideas”, or similar ones. Team up with one or several and become their marketer
      – Start offering marketing services for existing studios
      – Buy my gamerelease.net service & expand it ;)

      In terms of creating a game:
      – everybody already has tons of ideas, your idea isn’t interesting – sorry. We wanna do our own ideas. (This is quite often the case)
      – hire a programmer, artist etc to create your game
      – seek investors/funding for your ideas
      – learn to program. (start with GameMaker or Unity or something). If the idea is great, simple, it might be worth learning the basics…

  3. WOW! That is quite the extensive list of resources. Hoping to have my first game out on the App Store, however I outsourced the work… I should direct my developer to this page!

    Thanks for the info!

  4. Also check out the SIO2 engine. A cross platform 2D/3D game engine framework uses OpenGL ES as its core to deliver fast graphics and provide all the modern game engine functionalities. http://sio2interactive.com

  5. Hi! I’m a n00b iPhone developer with a pretty solid background on PHP development, which is nowhere near ObjC, so I started a blog to follow me along the way as I learn. Currently I write about myself reading Sams Learn iPhone dev in 24 hours.

    I’d like some tips on other blogs by newbie game devs to share knowledge with as I learn. Also as a way of exchanging links in the blogroll, as it feels like talking with a wall when writing a blog with no readers.

    If you have a blog like mine, and like to exchange knowledge and links, I’d be really happy if you’d drop me a comment on http://www.bluegoogames.com

    I’ll definitly check out the Granny Coder, sounds like a legend, too good to be true! :)

  6. That’s like the strangest (in a good way) comment I’ve seen this year :)

  7. Thanks!

    That will be some great reading for tonight, I see I missed a few. A few things I can add that I personally find useful is http://appshopper.com/ that I use to do research whenever I come with an idea for a new game or application.

    For engines, there’s http://code.google.com/p/oolongengine/ for 3D, and http://code.google.com/p/cocos2d-iphone for 2D, which I’m currently working for my next app (and my first game on iphone).

    And as a shameless plug, my blog talks about making the switch from windows to mac specifically to start working on the iphone.

    Cheers and thanks again!

  8. Funnily enough sometime last week I did a whole load of research on iPhone too and have got it ready for a blog post, but haven’t posted it yet due to my recent game launch. I’ll post it soon though…maybe…

  9. Be sure to check out Apps Amuck. We have 30 Days of iPhone Apps, where we did a full iPhone app every day for 30 Days. And there’s lots of other iPhone programming content.

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